College Resources

Your Online Persona

  • In addition to having a fine-tuned resume, develop a portfolio that showcases examples of your work from classes, internships, or any activities you participated in that relate to your field.
  • Manage your digital footprint. Google yourself to see what employers will find.
  • Re-examine the contents of your profiles on social media sites.
  • Maximize privacy settings for personal sites such as Facebook and your professional profiles, such as LinkedIn, accessible to all potential employers and contacts.
  • If you are using Twitter, lock your profile unless its professional in nature.

Making Connections

  • Set up meetings with professionals in your industry to ask for their advice and learn more about their career paths. Do not ask new contacts for jobs, but instead ask them to share information and tips as you try to break into the market. Even though this may not lead to an immediate payoff, genuine relationship building with professionals in your field is important for long-term success.
  • Follow up with companies by phone to ensure that recruiters received your resume and to ask about the timeline for their hiring process. However, avoid contacting companies who specifically ask for “no phone calls.”